“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!”

Now when I look back at the first few weeks of the fellowship, at that time there was a feeling that this would be a long tiring journey. But when I entered the last week of fellowship I realized that the time was too fast to catch up. Summed up, this 3-month journey ended in our last session but the relationship we made will last forever.

When I joined it, particularly talking about the last session, it started with the usual chat of Arshman and Hurraira discussing…

When I joined AMAL Academy I was unaware of many learnings regarding professional life. But now I am a much better version of myself.

Talking about learnings in the first 2 weeks, the 2 most important activities we did were creating a life map and SMART goals. Yesterday when I was looking at my life map it reminds me of the initial day sat this fellowship. All of the fellows were not fully expressible but now as a family, we all are closer to each other. Life map activity was an interesting one and made us go through our major…

The journey started when my friend Abeeha told me about this course. At first, I was like why do I need to spend even a small amount of money, and what special I will learn. But many many thanks to Abeeha that in our last paper she was talking about his project works and we asked her to tell us the details. She guided me and my friend in a very good way and told us about her amazing journey in the AMAL Academy. Then, I thought of giving it a try. Before my interview, I was in so much…

“Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro” The title name may confuse you but it’s a technique. This technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.

This technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. This technique helps to manage distractions and control your time. This results in increased productivity. All of us want to increase our productivity but most of us don’t know how to do that because of distractions. Distractions are present in everyone’s life but not everyone can manage them. So…

The problem I want to discuss is the lack of proper career counselling facilities at the school level. I selected this problem because it is affecting the whole life of people who made wrong decisions about their career and now are just working 9 to 5 just to earn money with a lot of stress instead of experiencing a feeling of happiness. Many problems of our society are being solved by many people but this area remains unattended. Also, I have gone through the same phase that’s why I know its importance for every growing kid.

To develop an entrepreneurial mind-set we should try to adopt a growth mind-set. Not everyone has a growth mind-set from the beginning but we have to develop it. In the picture below you can see the difference between fixed and growth mind-set.

Growth Mind-set Vs. Fixed Mind-set

You might be thinking about how to develop it. So, Amal gave up some very useful totkay to develop a growth mind-set .

  1. The first totka was self-talk. I think it’s very necessary to do self-reflection. Because no one knows us better than ourselves. If we want to grow positively we have to think and talk with ourselves…

The purpose of the gift was to thanks a person who made significant changes in my life through his support and guidance.

The person I want to thanked was my elder brother Usman. He supported me in my all circumstances. Whenever I have an ambiguity I simply go to him and explain my problem. He instantly listens to me and gives me the solution. He guides me at every step whether it’s my admission time or my assignments. I always seek help from him.

So, I wrote a letter to him to show my gratitude for him, in which I…

My goal is to sell crafts online. I have this goal because crafting is my passion. So, I want to utilize my talent.

The first 3 steps include:

  1. To join a crafters group to get information about what’s trending these days and to get guidelines from the people who are already in this business. To complete this step I asked my crafter friend and she introduced and added me to a group of crafters who are already running their businesses. …

1.So when I was reading my PW document, I was sitting in my bedroom. So, I looked around and thought what need to be fixed at first. First thing that clicks my mind was TV table.I choosed my TV table because it was crowded with alot of stuff like my laptop and chargers and books and stationary which were present there in a very disorganized order.

You can see in the above picture that how much crowded it was.

So, I started organizing it. First of all I removed the unnecessary things. Then, I took the duster and then started…


We got an assignment to write down 5 act of kindness in 24 hrs. When I started thinking abut this I realized that there areany little act of kindness that we perform without realizing. But we should try to realize them because I think it will help us to stay grateful and thankful.

I am going of share my 5 act of kindness which I did on Friday.

  1. Ironing the Clothes :On Friday, I helped my mother despite of my busy shedule. Because she also has alot of workload.

So, I managed to help him…

Ateka Malik

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