Amal Totkey for developing Growth Mind-set

Growth Mind-set Vs. Fixed Mind-set
  1. The second tip was to get out of our comfort zone. If we will remain in our comfort zone we are restricting ourselves to a limited area, we are not willing to grow. So, to grow we should get out of our comfort zone and work hard to achieve success.
  2. The third tip was to create new habits. To develop a growth mind-set we should have to adopt new powerful habits. It will give you a sense of achievement daily if you will learn and adopt a new habit daily.
  3. The fourth tip is to get feedback from the ones who you consider are most honest with you. It can be your friends, family members or even your teachers. Constructive feedback will help you a lot to grow and will help you identify your weak points which may be missing from your side.
  4. The fifth tip is “fake it until you make it”. It means if you want to develop some habits you cannot develop them at once but you should start by pretending it. For example, you want to be like someone so you can start by behaving like them. Studies tell that if we start practicing something eventually it will become a part of our nature.

I think all the above tips are helpful. But my favourite tip was the first tip which is self-reflection. Because I think it will greatly help me to find what I did in my day and it will motivate me to do more in the coming days. I have decided to implement this tip and from now on I will try to think of all of the learnings of the day and continue practicing them in the coming days as well.



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