“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!”

Now when I look back at the first few weeks of the fellowship, at that time there was a feeling that this would be a long tiring journey. But when I entered the last week of fellowship I realized that the time was too fast to catch up. Summed up, this 3-month journey ended in our last session but the relationship we made will last forever.

When I joined it, particularly talking about the last session, it started with the usual chat of Arshman and Hurraira discussing UET issues. But then finally Rabiya jumped in to break their usual flow haha. Then Sir Saim and Mam Sahar also came and the session properly started. I enjoyed this session a lot where we talked to each other in a bit informal way. And I think such sessions are necessary to develop strong informal connections with each other. It’s very necessary to develop friendships. Although we were already into some informal chats, that was a whole session.

“Every new friend is a new adventure … the start of more memories”

Our session started with some very useful pieces of advice from Mam Sahar and Sir Saim. Then there was an interesting activity of padlet boards which will remain with us forever. In that activity, all of us were supposed to write appreciation notes for all of the fellows. And when I read the notes written for me, I was surprised and happy at the same time. Those notes will remain with me forever and reading those notes actually become my lollipop moment. Thanks to Sir Saim for arranging such an amazing activity.

“We did not know we were making memories, we were just having fun”

The last activity was antakshari and I enjoyed it a lot. I was continuously laughing and feeling sad at the same time because I knew it was some last moments we were spending together. And I also got to know Aqib’s amazing talent of making songs in a small amount of time lol. Also, Sir Saim jumped in for a song as well and some other boys joined him. Overall it was a very funny and interesting activity and everyone had very funny coordination during the songs.

“To every start, there is an end ”

The same case was with us. Our session ended very soon and then we left the session with a lot of positivity and tons of learnings. At the end of this, I found myself a completely different person as I was at the start of this fellowship.

I have learned a lot of things including good communication skills, leadership and teamwork skills, leadership without authority, resume writing, giving feedback, interview preparation tips, lifelong learning, going the extra mile, excel, and a lot more, which might not be explained in words but will be visible in our actions in coming future.

A glimpse of the last session

I have started implementing some of these learnings during my university classes as good teamwork skills, going the extra mile by doing some extra research about the topic beforehand, and effective communication. Also, I will try to implement every learning in my daily routine as well and will be a better version of myself.

Talking about my AMAL fellows, In Sha Allah, we will stay connected through social media, and now I have more people on my list who I can contact for any help. I have also decided to share all of my achievements with them in order to stay connected. We will also be connecting through meetups and connecting on different occasions.

“Things end. But memories last forever”